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Senior Address by Steffy Vincent, 4th BDS on occasion of Orientation Day

An excerpt from the Senior Address by Steffy Vincent 4th BDS on the occasion of Orientation Day.
“It gives me so much joy to have this privilege of welcoming you on behalf of the student fraternity of KCDS. The first day of college would have had you all nervous and excited about this new course,the teachers ,the friends ,new people and new place. It’s a unique feeling and I know because I have been there too.
Would you believe me if I said that on the first day of college, I was actually surprised to know that dentistry was not just about pulling out a tooth but had 9 different departments dealing with 9 different areas of Dentistry?
In the first year, I started from carving a wax block to actually checking my own blood group and that was enough to make me already feel like a doctor even though there was no patient in sight.
As I entered 2nd year, I made millions of friends, just that they could be seen only under the microscope and were known as rods and cocci. Taking a step forward into preclinics, buying my hand instruments and using a rotary instrument, that doctor kinda feeling began to grow. The precision and accuracy that the nature of work demanded got me all excited and made me feel terribly important.
My teachers have told me that a true dentist is actually an artist and in second year the artist within me had started to to take over.
Then we stepped into the third year, into the clinics.
There are are certain memories that can never be erased and treating my first patient is one such memory.I was excited as well as a bit nervous but the happiness you get after you have treated the patient is worth every minute of all the work in the last 2 years that goes behind it.
Making these kind of unforgettable memories along with your batch mates creates a bond of a different kind. From getting shouted at to getting appreciated together, you will have each other’s back. So don’t worry you are not alone you have each other just like I have mine.
Staying in hostel has its own box of fun, that will create a lifetime of memories from sharing your room with your roommate to everyone crashing into one.
I would like to conclude by saying that everything we learn and experience in each year we need to to absorb it and somewhere nurture it. To nurture we must have goals. To achieve these goals we all must have the fervour ,the nature to strive ,improve and achieve full potential. And it is very much possible for each of you to do it.
KCDS has moulded me, the teachers have supported and guided me, being true mentors and help me reach here where I am today, just a few steps from being Steffy Vincent to Dr. Steffy Vincent.
Hoping that these words of mine will help you have a great start into your journey here. I would like to remind you that an expert in anything was once a beginner. Looking forward to seeing so many experts among us, I wish you all the very best. “

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