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Department Of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

“Conserve till the last reserve” is the motto of the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. The primary goal of the department is the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of defects of the teeth to bring the tooth/teeth to proper form, function, aesthetics and occlusal stability. Majority of the patients problems are treated in this department such as dental caries, which comprises of more than 80% of the dental diseases. Besides this, we also cater treatment of traumatic injuries to teeth, cosmetic correction, root canal treatment etc.

The department trains undergraduate students in the specialty. The undergraduate students are trained to treat dental caries, other defects with suitable restorative material and root canal treatment.

The postgraduate students are trained for comprehensive clinical care procedures like direct and indirect esthetic restorations, bleaching, veneers, and crowns to meet patients’ cosmetic demand. They are also trained in Root canal treatment, regenerative procedures, endodontic surgeries, and micro endodontics to relieve pain and elimination of infection from the teeth.

The department is equipped with state of the art equipment like digital radiography, endodontic microscope, bleaching units and materials to provide excellent service to patients. The department treats on an average of 30,000 to 35,000 patients annually. The department is endowed with dedicated teachers, who are actively involved in teaching, research, clinical programme. CDE programmes are routinely conducted and attended by the faculty and students to enhance and enrich their knowledge.


To establish a center of excellence in Education, Patient Care, Research and overall development so that students are well equipped to face the challenging world.


  • State of the art dental setup with innovative dental education.
  • To improve oral health of the community by rendering a high degree of patient care and services.
  • To ignite the young minds towards research

Head of the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics – Message

Dr. Jayalakshmi K.B Professor & HOD  (MDS Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics )

In the past two decades there have been remarkable advancements in the dental field, be it in the bio-material or the technique of placements of these materials or in the equipment. The staff members in the department strive hard to make both undergraduate and postgraduate students to be aware of recently available materials by exposing them to handle these materials and equipment in their day to day clinical practice.

The experience teaching faculty tries to use innovative Teaching-learning methodologies and integrate the knowledge with the clinical practice.

We at Krishnadevaraya College of dental sciences and hospital, Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics believe that regular CDE programs have been very useful inputs in enhancing the knowledge and clinical skills necessary for professional advancements; in addition, it provides considerable confidence in the student mindset.

The atmosphere in the department provides a sense of fulfillment in providing elements of excel in a procedure that reflect clinical skills and scientific advancements that leads to professional advancements, which has made to bag several awards and ranks in the university.

Besides curricular activities, the students are encouraged to participate in full heartedly in all sports and in other co-curricular activities as we believe participation is mandatory for the overall growth of an individual.

I invite all to see to believe and feel to believe the unique experience of your stay with KCDS family.

Our Staff





Dr. Jayalakshmi K.B


Professor & HOD


Dr. Sujatha I




Dr. Shibani Shetty




Dr. Soumya




Dr. Shobha G.K




Dr. Hana Hameed



Dr. Saloni  Chowdhary



Dr. Madan Kumar



Dr. Anusha A.S.



Dr. Asha Araballi  MDS Lecturer
Dr. Pushpaveni Gopal



Name Research Title Year
Dr Harishma S A comparative evaluation of the dislodgement resistance and tubule penetration of calcium silicate based sealer and epoxy resin based sealer with and without the incorporation of chitosan nanoparticle – An invitro study 2020-2023
Dr Sachin A comparative evaluation of the antimicrobial efficacy of two newly introduced Bioceramic sealer- Bioroot RCS and Ceraseal RCS with and without the addition of two herbal extract , Azadiracta Indica and Psidium guajava 2020-2023
Dr Keshav An invitro comparative evaluation of the effect of 1% phytic acid ,1.5% peracetic acid and 3% sodium hypochlorite as irrigants on pushout bond strength of tricalcium silicate (Biodentine) 2020-2023
Dr Joel George Invitro evaluation of efficacy of self adjusting files and ultrasonic tip as supplementary instruments for removal of gutta percha and bioceramic sealer in endodontic retreatment of oval canals -A CBCT Study 2020-2023
Dr Mohammed Naumaan A Mujawar Effect of the mixture of octenidine and sodium hypochlorite as an irrigant in cleaning of root canals and on root dentin microhardness- A scanning electron microscope study 2020-2023
Dr Vikramanka S A comparative evaluation of apical transportation and canal centering ability of DiaDent Dia-X file system and Wave One Gold file in the apical region of curved molars using CBCT :An Invitro Study 2020-2023
Dr Merlin Effect of addition of zinc oxide  ,magnesium oxide and titanium dioxide nanoparticles to self adhesive composite resin on its antimicrobial efficacy and shear bond strength – An invitro study. 2019-2022
Dr Karishma Mazid An in-vitro evaluation of calcium and hydroxide ion diffusion in novel nanocalcium hydroxide pulp capping agent . 2019-2022
Dr Sadia Ada An invitro evaluation of colour stability and surface roughness of two bleach shade composites following at-home and in-office bleaching procedure . 2019-2022
Dr Chaitanya A comparative CBCT analysis of residual pericervical dentin thickness of premolars prepared by conventional technique , loupe and dental operating microscope 2019-2022
Dr Anusha A.S. A comparative evaluation of percentage of obturated volume after minimal instrumentation using different sealers – An invitro CBCT volumetric Analysis 2019-2022
Dr Mariya Afrin Evaluation of the effect of nanoparticles of silver ,copper oxide and chitosan on the antibacterial and physical properties of zinc oxide eugenol sealer :an invitro spectrophotometric and direct contact study. 2019-2022
Dr Ruqsana Taj The impact of contracted endodontic access on root canal geometry of curved canals prepared by TruNatomy file system by evaluating the centering ability and canal transportation – An invitro study . 2018-2021


  • Ellis class III fracture irt 12 managed by non- rigid splinting followed by non-surgical root canal treatment, crown lengthening and cast post and core .
  • Symptomatic irreversible pulpitis and symptomatic apical periodontitis irt 11 managed by non-surgical root canal treatment

Caste Study 1

Caste Study 2

Caste Study 3

Caste Study 4

Caste Study 5

Student Name Date Title of the Award Awarding Body
Dr Naumaan A Mujawar 2023 Best Scientific paper-1st Position 23rd IACDE National PG Convention
Dr Sindhushree T S 2023 Best Scientific paper-2nd Position 23rd IACDE National PG Convention
Dr Anusha  A S 2022 2nd Rank RGUHS
Dr Mariya Afrin 2022 3rd Rank RGUHS
Dr. Mohammed Naumaan 2022 Best Paper Award IACDE National Conference
Dr.  Mohammed Naumaan 2021 4th rank RGUHS
Dr. Anusha 2020 1st rank RGUHS
Dr. Merlin 2020 6th rank RGUHS
Dr. Mariya 2020 3rd rank RGUHS
Dr. Prathyusha [PG] 2018 7th rank RGUHS Examination
Dr. Saketh Peduval [PG] 2018 10th rank RGUHS Examination
Dr. Sandeep Reddy [PG] 2018 Best Paper Award P.G Student Convention - Gulbarga
Dr. Shashi Kiran [UG] 2018 II BDS: Pre-Clinical RGUHS Examination

Best Paper of the session awarded to Dr. Mohammed Naumaan A Mujawar at the 37th IACDE NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2022 Bhopal

Date Title of CDE Program Speaker
06/03/2023 Failures in Endodontics ; followed by demonstration . Dr Arun Jaysheel
17/01/2023 Anterior Aesthetic Restorations ;followed by Hands -on work-shop Dr Adil Abdulla
17/11/2022 37th IACDE National Conference: Nano Technology in Disinfection of Root Canal Keynote Speaker – Dr Jayalakshmi
9/12/2022 Talk on Oral Health Care in Chaman Bhartiya School of Leadership Dr Hana Hameed
05/12/2022 Interdepartmental Meeting -Bioceramics  : A promising new frontier ? Dr. Mohammed Nauman A Mujawar
30/11/2022 Endodontics -Today & Tomorrow Dr. Sujatha I Bhat
13/9/2017 A Novel Alternative to Amalgam "Cention-N" Dr. Jayalakshmi
19/05/2017 Composite Resins & You Dr. Deepak Mehta
05/03/2017 10/03/2017 Cons & Endo Week: E-Poster:
  • UG Students - Dr. G.V Black’s Contribution to Dentistry
  • PG Students - Amalgam Vs Composites
Judges - Dr. Prabhuji & Dr. Murali
Patient Awareness Talk in Kannada Dr. Sandeep
Miss & Mr. Perfect Smile Competition Judges - Dr. Joan Paulin, Dr. Chandra Shekar, Dr. Prasanna Latha, Dr. Shyamala, Dr. Umashankar
A Tribute to Dr. G.V Black Dr. Jayalakshmi
28.2.2017 Modern Endodontics with TFA: To achieve 3-D Obturation Dr. Raghu Narayan - KAVO-KERR
30/01/2017 Newer Products in Adhesive Dentistry by 3M. Followed by Hands On Workshop On Spiral Polishing Dr. Raghunath
16/03/2016 Multi-Disciplinary Seminar on Minimal Invasive Dentistry: Today’s Vision & Tomorrow’s Reality Dr. Hemant

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