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Department Of General Pathology & Microbiology

The department of Microbiology was established in the year 1993. Students of the BDS course, in the II year, get trained in the medical subject of Microbiology. Students undergo a detailed study of Bacteriology, Immunology, Mycology, Virology & Parasitology.

Students get an in depth knowledge of the various infections in man – their causes, transmission, clinical symptoms, laboratory diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis. They also practice the basic techniques in diagnostic Microbiology like Gram staining, Acid fast staining, culture methods, identification tests, sterilization & disinfection


To rise as a centre of excellence in training and research in Microbiology.


Imparting the students of dentistry a firm foundation in the basic knowledge and techniques of Microbiology.

Providing technical facilities for post graduate students in dentistry to carry out research activities in their thesis and other studies.

Head of the Department of General Pathology & Microbiology – Message

Dr. K ARUL SELVAN Asst. Professor  (Medical M.Sc, Ph.D. Microbiology)

Our department is fully dedicated to students’ empowerment and motivation in their career achievement. The faculty members are cordial with students and can be approached easily by the students in case they face any difficulty in learning.

Our Staff




Dr. K Arul Selvan

(Medical M.Sc, Ph.D. Microbiology)

Asst. Professor
Dr. Shruthi D


Research Projects Conducted in the Department Of Microbiology during the Academic Year 2017-18
Name of the Student Research Title Year
Dr. Anju Ajay Evaluation of anti-microbial susceptibility of a MTA based root canal sealer with combination of antibiotics against biofilm formed by Enterococcus fecalis isolated from endodontic retreatment cases- an in vitro study 2017-18
Dr. Vigneshvari SK Comparison of antimicrobial efficacy of cention N in 2 different curing modes on Streptococcus mutans isolated from patients 2017-18
Dr. Anju Ajay Antimicrobial efficacy of Nisin in combination with chlorhexidine and Sodium hypochlorite against Enterococcus fecalis ATCC 29212 2017-18
Dr. Soorya M S A comparative evaluation of smear layer removal and antibacterial efficacy of combinations of sodium hypochlorite with etidronic acid and maleic acid 2017-18
Name of the Student Research Title Year
Dr. Manisha Koul Association of tobacco habits with dental caries, Streptococcus mutans count, & oral hygiene status among tobacco users & non users in Bangalore city 2017-18
Dr. Manisha Koul A study on the antibacterial effect of probiotic & green tea mouth rinse on oral mutans streptococci. – a randomized controlled trial 2017-18
Dr. Priyanka D A study on the comparison of the antibacterial and remineralising effect of propolis fluoride and 5% NaF varnish 2017-18
Name of the Student Research Title Year
Dr. Anjali A study on the antimicrobial effect of Ganoderma lucidum on oral periodontal pathogens and estimation of MIC 2017-18
Dr. Kalaiarasi S Antibacterial study of Moringa olifera leaf extract on oral anaerobic pathogens isolated from patients with chronic periodontitis 2017-18
Dr. Manas Saha A study on the microbial contamination level in dental water pipe and the effect of disinfectants at various time intervals 2017-18
Name of the Student Research Title Year
Dr. Janani Comparison of antimicrobial efficacy of ZnE, Zincoxide propolis, Zinoxide trephala & metapex by modified direct contact test 2017-18
Dr. Abinaya A study of the camparison of the antimicrobial efficacy of bioactive glass, chlorhexidine 1% & CaOH – CHX combination as intracanal medicaments in primary molars 2017-18
Dr. Monali Bharti A study to evaluate the reduction in bacterial count after biomechanical preparation in root canals using different files 2017-18
Name of the Student Research Title Year
Dr. Ravi Teja A study on the antimicrobial effect of Aluminium doped ZnO wires on the periodontal pathogens isolated from the GCF of patients with periodontitis 2017-18
  Collaborative Study with Ambedkar Dental College, Bangalore
Name of the Student Research Title Year
Dr. Apoorva Reddy A study on the comparative evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of nano  particle based irrigants prepared from propolis, Azadircta indica and Paliospermum montanum with 3% NaOCl against  Enterococcus fecalis ATCC 29212 2017-18
  Collaborative Study with Biotechnology Department SIR MVIT College, Bangalore
Research Title Year
A study on the evaluation of antibacterial properties of Isaria tenupies on bacterial & fungal pathogens. 2017-18
A study on the antibacterial effect and inhibition of in vitro bio film formation by placental exract on Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus fecalis, Eschrischia coli & Candida albicans. 2017-18
University Ranks announced for the RGUHS convocation 2018
Subject: General Pathology & Microbiology
  • Dr. Kushboo Mishra (6th Rank)
  • Dr. Parvati Nair (6th Rank)
  • Dr. RituparnaSaha (6th Rank)
  • Dr. ShashiKiran (9th Rank)

University Ranks announced for the RGUHS convocation 2017
Subject: General Pathology & Microbiology
  • Dr. N. Vanisree (1st Rank)
  • Dr. Kuldeep Phukon (4th Rank)
  • Dr. R.Sandhiya (4th Rank)
  • Dr. Aparna Ramachandran (9th Rank)
  • Dr. Mainak Saha Roy (10th Rank)

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