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Department Of Pedodontics

Pediatric Dentistry is the field of dental medicine providing primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants, children and adolescence as well as patients with special health care needs.


Creating healthy smiles with a gentle touch, providing comprehensive oral health care for children through our thoughts, words & actions.


As a pediatric dental department we strive to meet the unique needs of children, and we are committed to family-centered care for infants, children, adolescents and children requiring special health care. In accordance with our institute, our mission is to establish and maintain highest standards of clinical excellence and competency.

We are committed to providing excellent total oral health care, at the same time, recognizing the uniqueness of every child keeping in mind the right to express one’s individuality. We create an environment that encourages preventive care from infancy through adolescence.

We continually seek newer techniques to minimize children’s apprehension to dental care through our words, therapeutic touch and latest behavior modification techniques.

We believe that it is a privilege to treat children and we at the Department of Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry have the honor and the unique opportunity to make a difference in their lives.

Head of the Department of Pedodontics – Message

Dr. Priya Nagar (Prof & HOD) MDS

A warm and affectionate welcome from the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry at Krishnadevaraya College of Dental Sciences. Our department deals with treatment and prevention aspects of all oral health of all children up to the age of twelve years. The specialization of the department includes prevention, which is an important aspect of our field. We principally try to prevent Oral Diseases in Children and treat the disease at the earliest point and stop its further progression. In addition, the treatment of special children is an area that the department is very proud of working in. A lot of love care and respect if given to children with both physical and mental disabilities while carrying out treatment of these exceptional children.

Our department has a team of qualified and experienced faculty and experienced support staff members, who continuously strive hard to improve upon the quality of education imparted to students and patients, to maintain its position of leadership in the field of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry. We work with a moto “Nothing can be accomplished without genuine effort”. The core values of the department help the students to develop their overall personality and make them worthy dentists to compete and work at global level. To achieve this apart from providing the highest quality of education, our department has been conducting seminars/conferences since its inception to keep the faculty and students abreast with the latest developments in the field of professional health education and technology involved in the same.

Our main aim has always been to be at the forefront of learning, teaching and research. We make every effort to stimulate academic and clinical excellence and are committed to creating an environment for nurturing innovation and creativity. We provide education with a combination of distinctive methodologies, of work-integrated-learning, learning-based-work, problem solving and develop cross-cultural skills. I am sure with our holistic teaching and learning techniques and distinct student centric learning approach; encouraging the students to contribute in extra-curricular activities our students are able to face challenges of life and become leaders of tomorrow.

Our experienced faculty are the pillars of strength of the department whose emphasis is to empower a diverse community of students, nurture their capabilities, transform their lives and find accomplishment through the utmost quality of teaching, learning and research.

Our Staff





Dr. Priya Nagar


Professor & HOD drpriyanagar.pedo@kcdsh.org
Dr. Reshma Dodwad


Reader drreshma.pedo@kcdsh.org
Dr. Pallavi Urs


Reader drpallaviurs.pedo@kcdsh.org
Dr. Madhusudhan K.S


Lecturer drmadhusudhanks.pedo@kcdsh.org
Dr. Pushpaveni Gopal


Tutor drpushpaveni.pedo@kcdsh.org

Number of Projects by Students

Name of the Student Research Title Year
Dr. Soumya Shree BV Comparative study to evaluate the efficiency of different commercially available remineralizing agents in primary teeth- An in vitro study 2014
Dr. Nimmy Sabu Comparison of antibacterial efficacy of 2% chlorohexidine, 0.2% cetrimide as irrigants for pulpectomy in primary teeth – An in vivo study. 2014
Dr. Madhumita Naithani The assessment of parental attitudes towards various behavior management techniques in pediatric dentistry 2014
Dr. Rajendran Hemalatha A comparative evaluation of the effect of acidic drinks on the surface roughness of nano filled composite and light cure GIC materials - An in vitro study 2015
Dr. Anindita Sharma A comparative evaluation of time-dependent changes on surface hardness of different composites - An invitro study 2015
Dr. Vamsi Krishna Reddy Evaluation of Bromelain in the chemo-mechanical removal of carious dentin – An in vitro study 2015
Dr. Pai Tanvi Anandraya Comparative evaluation of remineralizing effects of pro - anthocyanidin from different natural extracts. An in vitro scanning electron microscope, atomic absorption spectrometry and atomic force microscopic study 2016
Dr. Borse Mayuri Jayvant  Comparative study of smear layer removal by various root canal irrigants. An in vitro scanning electron microscopic study 2016
Dr. Jessy P Comparative evaluation of smear layer removal using three different irrigation devices. A scanning electron microscopic study 2016
Dr. Aminah Changing Trends in the sequence and Eruption of Permanent Teeth correlating BMI, Chronological Age, And Dental Age Among Bengaluru School Children. 2016
  Dr. Monali Bharti Comparing the reduction in Intracanal Bacterial Count during Biochemical Preparation in Permanent Teeth with varying apical enlargements using two different type of rotary files. – An In Vivo Study.  


Dr. Parul Singh Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of Different Natural Extracts, as pulpotomy medicaments in primary teeth of children aged 4 -10 years. – An In Vivo Study. 2016
  Dr. Abinaya Comparative Evaluation of Antimicrobial Efficacy of Bioactive Glass, 1% Chlorhexaidine Gluconate with Calcium Hydroxide and 1% Chlorhexaidine Gluconate, as inter canal medicament in primary molars – An In Vivo Study.  


  Dr. Janani Comparative Analysis of Effectiveness of audio-visual distraction using virtual reality glasses along with WAND Injection System with conventional injecting technique in reducing dental anxiety in children using Salivary Cortisol as an Anxiety Marker. – An In Vivo Study.  


Dr. Smitha Comparing the impact of Oral Health, Sensitization aids on institutionalized visually impaired children of age group 7 – 14 years. – A Survey. 2017
  Dr. Nameeda Volumetric evaluation of obturation in primary teeth using radiographic assessment and CBCT – A comparisons between sonic v/s navitip as irrigation device and 95% ethanol v/s paperpoint as drying agent. – an in vivo and in vitro study  


Dr. Nihala Assessment of dental crowding occurring in mixed dentition in maxillary and mandibular arches based on tooth size - arch length relationships and certain cephalometric parameter. 2018
  Dr. Anagha Clinical and microbiological evaluation and comparison of silver diamine fluoride and silver modified atraumatic restorative technique as a caries arresting agent in primary teeth – an in vivo study.  


Dr. Anisha Expression of human dentin sialophosphoprotein market in the Dental pulp of deciduous teeth as an aid to stem cell banking - Ex Vivo study 2019
Dr. Richa Evaluation of PCR based gender determination technique for forensic application using Dental pulp 2019
Dr. Vatsala Comparative evaluation of three different micro abrasion techniques in esthetic management of fluorosis - An In Vivo study 2019
Caste Study 1

Orthodontic Correction of Cross Bite using Removable Appliance

Caste Study 2

Surgical Exposure of the Fibrous Tissue Associated with Unerupted Maxillary Right Central Incisor

Caste Study 3

Early Childhood Caries Restoration using Strip Crowns

Caste Study 4

6YR/M Frenectomy Procedure Done

Caste Study 5

4YR/M Childhood Caries: Anteriors Rehabilitation (Groper's Appliance)

1.  Any University Ranks UG or PG


  • Rituparna– 9th Rank
  • SHASHIKIRAN – 10th Rank


  • Dr. Nimmy Sabu(May 2015) – 10th Rank
  • Dr. Anindita Sarma (June 2016) – 10th Rank
  • Dr. Pai Tanvi Anandraya (May 2017) – 7th Rank
2. Any Awards/ Prize in conference
  • Best Paper Presentation in 36th ISPPD Conference, Lucknow – Dr. Mayuri
  • Best Poster Award in 13th National PG Convention Hyderabad – Dr. Jessy, Dr. Mayuri & Dr. Pai Tanvi Anandraya
  • Best Paper Presentation in 38th ISPPD National Conference, Kochi – Dr. Jessy
  • 2nd Best Paper Presentation in 68th IDA, Bangalore – Dr. Pai Tanvi Anandraya
Year Programme Conducted
2014 KRISP 2014 “ Interdisciplinary Challenges in Pediatric Dentistry”
2017 “Interception 2017” Orthopedic Biomechanics in Pediatric Dentistry

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